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Dr in die huis
is an A-Z , inclusive, state-of-the-art, medical encyclopaedia available in the Afrikaans-language and focusing on the full spectrum of health, wellness and diseases, injuries, operations, emergencies, emergency treatments, and much more in South Africa. The 2nd and 3rd editions of Dr in die huis were completely revised and updated by Dr Don du Toit FRCS, a registered specialist and clinician, in 2001 and 2012. A few points about the encyclopaedia:

· The reference work is specially designed to rapidly access medical related information.

· The work is classically arranged alphabetically like a dictionary for rapid review and search.

· Cross-references facilitate access to more information, opinions and review.

· In places lay-terminology is provided (i.e. sugar-diabetes, common cold).

· Reference is made to other outstanding medical books written in Afrikaans in South Africa.

· The most popular Afrikaans health-encyclopaedia available in South Africa for decades.

· Content based on robust scientific facts, existing research and evidence-based medicine.

· Based on the requirements and need of a family regarding health and wellness.

· Reader-friendly and assists formulation of informed consent.

· Provides guidelines for optimal health and wellness including preventative medicine to lead a healthy life.

· Illnesses explained under causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment-strategies available as standard-care and need.

· Refers to ethical aspects, human-rights, family violence and abuse of persons.

· Includes aspects on the aged, octogenarians and very old.

· Co-authored by an Oxford University educated medical doctor and researcher (Wolfson College, Oxford).

                                              Dokter In Die Huis

“Die volgende is nuwe onderwerpe wat bygewerk is in die derde uitgawe van Dokter in die huis , geskryf deur Dr’s Jan van Elfen and Don du Toit (Tafelberg Uitgewers, Media24), Heerengracht , Kaapstad, en wat tydens Junie 2012 verskyn het. Die geneeskunde ensiklopedie is uitgegee in Afrikaans , is inklusief, en bevorder moedertaal onderrig. Die inhoud handel oor ‘n wye spektrum van onderwerpe, en is ‘n unieke boek wat in die gesins boekrak hoort (English version below).

                          Dokter In Die Huis

Aspirien in bloedverdunning en voorkoming van kolon kanker. Asperger sindroom. Anatomie en fisiologie van die mens. Neuroanatomie, neurowetenskap, neurofisiologie, breinfunksie en siektes. Barlow sindroom. Akinetiese en bewegings siektes. Bejaardesorg opdatering. Verwikkelinge in die behandeling van beroerte. Nuwe konsepte in narkose. Aandagsgebreksteurnis en nuwe benadering en medikasie. Hele nuwe afdeling oor estetiese en verjongingsterapie vir veroudering, plooie, vlekke: Gebruik van Botox®, fillers, IPL, en lasers vir vel rejuvenasie. Selfmoord in kinders. Gesinsmoord. Diagnose en behandeling van prostaat en serviks kanker. Vaksinering en voorkoming van servikskanker by vroue. Kinderkanker. Spraakafwykings en behandeling. Swangerskapterminasie in RSA. Mensgenoom projek. Leer probleme. Tourette sindroom. Juveniele depressie. Tuberkulose. Stamselle. MIV en nuwe terapie. Lasers. Voedsel. Hartsiekte. Seks en onbeskermde seks. Plaaitjie ryke plasma (PRP), Medikasie”.

New content and upgrading included in the third edition ( 2012), Dokter in die huis ( Dr’s Jan van Elfen & Don du Toit), Tafelberg, Cape Town. Only available in Afrikaans (illustrated, referenced, 759 pages).

Asper’s syndrome, aspirin and prevention of colon cancer, primary health care, ethics, anatomy and physiology of man with special reference to neuroanatomy and neurology ( stroke, upper and lower motor neuron lesions, aphasia, speech disorders), Barlow syndrome, anaesthesia, attention –deficit syndrome, aesthetic medicine ( with reference to the use of Botox®, fillers, use of lasers, peels, IPL, RF and treatment of hyperpigmentation, chloasma, malasma), suicide in children, heart disease in women, diagnosis of heart disease, place of non-invasive cardiology and treatment of coronary artery heart disease, stenting, acute coronary syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV-AIDS and ARTS therapy, breast cancer, new approaches, molecular testing, cancer and bladder cancer update, hair transplantation, basic medical sciences, personality disorders, immunology, how to achieve optimal health, complimentary medicine, medical testing (including AIDS) and emergency medicine, health organizations ( and register) to help persons in crises, rape, murder, mental health, diabetes update and review of new insulin’s, contraception and emergency contraception to terminate a potential pregnancy, prostate and cervical cancer with special reference to the availability of immunization against HPV, vaccination against cervix cancer, cancer in children, speech disorders and treatment, Human genome project, learning problems, Tourette syndrome, juvenile depression, tuberculosis and new treatment strategies, stem cells, lasers, nutrition, heart and valvular disease, sex and unprotected sex, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), psychiatric disorders, children’s diseases, diseases of women, pregnancy and childbirth, orthopaedic conditions, arthritis, medications.

Nuwe teks wat handel oor estetiese behandeling in derde-edisie (2012)

Hele nuwe afdeling oor estetiese en verjongings-terapie vir:

· veroudering,

· plooie ( wrinkles), son-blokkers en beskermers,

· “peels” ( afskilfering),

· vlekke , “ ouma vlekke”(chloasma and malasma, Cosmelan ® ),

· vel-rejuvenasie met: Botulinum (Botox ® ), fillers (Restylane ® en Juvederm ® ), IPL, RF (radio-frequency), PRP, rollers en lasers vir vel rejuvenasie.

· “Cosmeceuticals”.

New text dealing with aesthetic medicine (alphabetically, A-Z) and appearing in the new 3 rd edition.

Rejuvenation, beauty therapy and anti-aging strategies included in Dr in die huis.

· Aging and anti-aging.

· Wrinkles, sun-block,

· Facial peels,

· Facial spots, aging-spots and pigmentation ( hyper-pigmentation, hypermelanosis Cosmelan ® , chloasma and malasma),

· Skin-rejuvenation by: Botulinum injections (Botox®), fillers (Restylane® and Juvederm®), IPL, RF(radio-frequency), PRP, rollers and lasers,

· Cosmoceuticals.

What does the reader gain by reading the 3 rd edition of 2012 , Dr in die huis?

· Up to-date information , written in the Afrikaans-language, regarding health and wellness and standard-of-care and need. Information is relevant to a family-setting and can be accessed rapidly which is a great advantage of a print book. Information regarding wellness of males, females and children can be accessed alphabetically.

· Health and wellness information that will benefit the reader making an informed-decision and informed-consent.

· Respect for human-rights and fight against women and child abuse.

· Entitlement of dialogue with a medical doctor or specialist through accurate disclosures in the text.

· Options and choices available for the treatment of various disorders and emergencies.

Examples of the systematic content, written and available in Afrikaans, that can be accessed in the revised 2012, 3 rd Edition of Dokter in die huis ( Dr’s Jan van Elfen and Don du Toit, Tafelberg).

1. Cardiovascular

2. Respiratory

3. Gastrointestinal

4. Genito-urinary

5. Haematological system

6. Obstetrics and gynaecology (contraception, child-birth). Abuse of women, including rape and family violence. Gender discrimination and abuse.

7. Paediatrics, including children well-being, human rights and abuse

8. Endocrinology

9. Eye disorders

10. Musculoskeletal and connective-tissue

11. Joints and disorders

12. Critical-care medicine

13. Ears nose and throat

14. Dental disorders

15. Dermatology

16. Cancer and oncology

17. Metabolic disorders

18. Immunology and allergic disorders

19. Surgery

20. Plastic surgery

21. Urology

22. Cardiothoracic surgery

23. Cardiology and interventions

24. Complementary and alternative medicine

25. Infections, infectious diseases, infective disorders (including PTB, venereal disorders, HIV-AIDS)

26. Endocrinology

27. Psychology

28. Psychiatry and psychiatric disorders

29. Central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, higher cortical functions, spinal cord and cerebellum

30. Neurology and neurologic disorders ( brain)

31. Nutrition, wellness, diets , herbs

32. Injuries and poisoning

33. Emergency medicine

34. Anatomy and physiology, and exercise medicine

35. Clinical pharmacology and medication registry

36. Contacts for emergencies

Example of topics covered alphabetically and in Afrikaans, in the 2012, 3 rd edition, of Dr in die huis (Tafelberg).

Attention deficit syndrome, abdominal pain, abortion, abruptio-placentae, abscess, aphasia, agitation, agnosia, acoustic neuroma, basic medical science, anatomy and physiology, pathology, acute coronary syndrome, alcoholism, allergy, amenorrhoea, amaurosis, amnesia, anal fissure, aneurysm, angina pectoris, antibiotics, anorexia nervosa, antigens, anti-retroviral treatment, anal conditions, anti-coagulation, appendicitis, arthritis, asthma, Asperger syndrome, arteriosclerosis, abuse of babies and children, baby-care, Baker’s cyst, bottle feeding vs. breast feeding, Barlow syndrome, Barrett’s oesophagus, bedsores, old-care, bone diseases, stroke, Bell’s paralysis, circumcision of males and female, bipolar conditions, bladder, blood-pressure, bleeding, haemorrhagic disorders, blood donation, coagulation disorders, breast cancer, tick-bite fever, Botox®, burns, brain, meningitis and cerebral AIDS, AIDS-dementia, Brain-death, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, brucellosis, Burkitt-lymphoma, insect-bites, dagga, chlamydia infection, chemotherapy, chloasma, cholera, cholecystitis, cholesteatoma, chorea, chromosomal abnormalities, Creutzfeld-Jacob disease, Colle’s fracture, delirium tremens, delirium, dehydration, dementia, dermabrasion therapy, diabetes, deep venous thrombosis, diets, dyslexia, dysarthria, dyslipidaemia, dyspepsia, death, still-born baby, dreams, Down syndrome, duodenal ulcer, E.coli, Ebola virus, oedema, ejaculate, eclampsia, eczema, appetite suppressants, embryo, embolism, EKG, endometriosis, emphysema, embolus, epilepsy, Ebstein-Barr virus, esophagus disorders including varices, euthanasia, Ewing-sarcoma, Hodgkin disease and lymphoma, chemotherapy, facial nerve, fellatio, faecal impaction, fitness testing, follicle hair transplantation, Freiderich-ataxia, Frohlich’s syndrome, furuncle, G6PD, gait-disorders, cerebellar disorders and neurologic signs, chorea, thalamus, extrapyramidal system, cerebral lesions, ganglion, gallstones, gastro-enteritis in babies and children, gastroscopy, birth and birth defects, Gaucher’s disease, jaundice, personality disorders, hearing impairment, memory loss, mood disorders, genetic testing and diseases, geriatrics, sex hormones, golf-elbow, poisonous plants, Gilles de la Tourette syndrome, G-spot, gynaecomastia, goitre, glaucoma, shingles, growth factors, growth pain, Gullian Barré syndrome, grey-matter in the brain, alopecia areata, heart conditions, heart attack, heart failure, heart-block, heart-valve surgery, heart transplantation and stem cell transplantation, and cardiology perspective, cell-therapy, hoarseness, hernia, herpes-zoster, herpes-simplex, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, cold-sore, hiatus hernia, tongue cancer, glossitis, throat disorders and sinusitis, anaemia and types, heart disease in women, hip, knee and shoulder-replacement, rotator-cff disease, diabetes-insipidus, scleroderma, porphyria, renal disease, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, elevated cholesterol, headache, hay-fever, hormone treatment, inoculations, impotency, infective diseases, GIFT and ZIFT treatment, insulin, intra-uterine growth, gout, cancer, Kaposi sarcoma, carpal tunnel syndrome, child abuse, Klinefelter syndrome, clitoris, colonoscopy, confusion and delirium, contraception, condoms and how to apply a condom, convulsions, infertility, juvenile depression, lasers, leukaemia, lichen planus, mania, milk teeth, menopause, menstruation, melanoma, mouth cancer, neurosis, nucleic acids, organ transplantation, ovum, peptic ulcer, penis and penis transplantation, petit-mal, wrinkles and treatment, portal hypertension, prenatal care, retinal dislodgement, sexual abuse, seminoma, senility, systemic lupus erythematosis, sinusitis, scorpion bite, skull fracture, scrotum, multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, porphyria, multiple myeloma, scoliosis, hand infections, boils and treatment, leprosy, sport medicine, sports injuries, spider bite, pregnancy and pregnancy termination, AIDS and pregnancy, dental caries, gum disease, tetany, testis cancer, thyroid conditions, ulceration cancer spread and treatment, umbilical conditions, vasectomy, drug addiction, aging , vertebral disorders and osteoporosis, osteopetrosis, vitamins, use of Botox® and fillers in beauty therapy, Wilm’s tumour, wounds and wound-dressings, Zollinger–Ellison syndrome, pheochromocytoma, aortic surgery and valve-repair, Addison’s disease, meningitis, blindness, hearing loss, ear-ache , otitis media, and child-birth and emergency delivery, nose bleeding, foreign body in the eye.

Disclaimer: Vrywaring 2012.

The encyclopaedia does not replace a primary health-care giver, physician, specialist, hospital or emergency service. Readers are advised to always seek professional advice at a doctor’s rooms or 24-hour hospital emergency facility regarding illness, wellness or emergency. The resource facilitates benefit to a patient and upholds the value of informed-consent, human-rights, entitlement of dialogue, and practice of the standard-of-care, at the time of writing. The publisher and writers are not responsible for negative outcomes after reading the content of the encyclopaedia and readers must seek medical advice and disclosures accordingly.

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